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Home Inspections.

Roofing, full exteriors, structural elements, full interiors, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, and all of the components of these are subject to inspection. Homes may vary, but all of our home inspections come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and thoroughness. Licensed and insured, we are experienced Certified Professional Home Inspectors. Peace of mind assured.


Masoud has done several home inspections for me. He’s always incredibly professional and thorough. The time he took for my many questions I had was greatly appreciated. He was professional, efficient and I highly recommend this company.
I had a great experience, Masoud was amazing! He was very knowledgeable and his report was very detailed. I didn’t know how much you can learn from a home inspection until I was educated on it. Report was sent on line fast. Thanks for your service.
Found defects in and around property that I missed completely, didn’t even think of. Thanks Masoud Home Inspections.
We were very pleased Faruk, punctual, meticulous, thorough, and very professional. Photos were helpful.
— Mary Rowlans


Outside-in, top-down approach

Common throughout the industry. It's not just a matter of preference, though. There's a reason for this method, and it leads to a more thorough job. Inspections begin on the outside of the property, walking around the exterior of the home. Next the roof is inspected, next the garage, and finally the inspector goes inside the home. Once inside, the inspection starts at the top, preferably in the attic, and works down through the house, checking floors, walls, plumbing, stairs, and other elements until he reaches the craw;space or basement. The crawlspace is lat because any leaks that emerge while inspecting the plumbing inside the home have the chance to drip down and be noticed. 



About Me


I started apprenticing for my dad, Peter Sweeney, Jr. when I was twelve, but even before that I was watching him work all the time. My grandpa established our company in 1918, back when we specialized in carpentry and woodwork. Dad picked up new trades and expanded our business. I’ve been servicing the greater Wichita area for over 15 years and am about to bring my oldest son in as an assistant.